Skyforge gets new PvP mode Golem Battle

If you ever wanted a little bit of MOBA in your Skyforge, then you're in luck – the sci-fi MMORPG just got a new patch and with it comes a brand new PvP Mode called Golem Battle. Two teams of five battle in a straight corridor to destroy these special buildings called Repeaters, each one protected by four towers. These Repeaters spawn groups of golems that will go into battle and looking to destroy the enemy Repeater. There's a Smoke Zone in the map, an area of the map covered in a thick cloud that is impossible to see inside of when standing outside, so this area will take some caution to approach.

You can read more about the Golem Battle, but if you've played or seen any of the MOBAs that we've been getting for years, you should know what to expect – only with the Skyforge touch.



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