Skyforge: Journey of the Divine update hits November 12

Skyforge's next major update Journey of the Divine is scheduled to arrive on November 12, Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment, and have announced. Not long after Aelion's Call, this new update brings things such as Invasion Avatars, Divine Specializations, Pantheon Academies, quality of life improvements, bug fixes and more.

Here are the highlights from Journey of the Divine, an update that brings the western version a little bit closer to the Russian build.

– Invasion Avatars: The invading armies have seen the threat Aelion poses and can no longer sit idly by as we defeat wave after wave of their assault. Avatars of the Invading God will now start arriving alongside their army. Avatars are challenging battles for 10 players that award epic rewards – Most importantly the items that allow access to the Divine Specializations!

– Pantheon Academy: Young immortals who have just begun their journey across Aelion can now find a potential home with the Pantheon Academy system. Players that have yet to unlock their Divine Form can freely join a Pantheon’s Academy, a sub-section of the regular Pantheon, where they can learn the game from experienced players, contribute to the expansion of the Pantheon as they grow stronger, and be rewarded for their dedication!

– Ascension Atlas Navigation: Navigation of the Ascension Atlas has been made much smoother, allowing players to directly find specific skills, talents, or symbols in their Atlas. This negates the need to scour the Atlas searching for your next destination and removes the tedium that comes with it!

– Divine Specializations: Those brave immortals who confront and conquer the fearsome invading Avatars are rewarded with a special book – The Knowledge of the Avatar. Through reading these mystical tomes, inspiring immortals can learn the secrets of the Gods themselves! Encompassing six individual specializations, players will be able to further empower their Divine Form to suit their preferred playstyle allowing complete domination of the battlefield.


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