Skyforge: March of Knowledge update goes live on February 10

The updates keep coming at a nice pace for Skyforge with the next one, March of Knowledge, launching on February 10. With plenty of changes to classes, interface, invasions and several quality of life improvements, this update should make Skyforge even better. decided to highlight the following from this update:

– Invasion Bonus Updates: Due to popular demand, the Invasion Resistances system has been completely overhauled, resulting in a much more simplified system! The old Invasion tab will be removed, only one resistance will be required per Invasion, and the overall research time has been reduced!
– Legendary Ancient Rings: Battle it out with ancient foes to obtain a Legendary Ancient Ring! These powerful artifacts have unique statistical bonuses that standout among Skyforge’s current rings and can be upgraded to match the player’s prestige through the Order system!
– Photomode: Take screenshots like the Skyforge Team with the new Photomode! Players will be able to enter this mode at will, “pausing” their game and allowing full control of the camera as well as various other features to get that perfect shot!


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