Skyforge: massive content patch coming soon

With Skyforge in open beta for little over a week, the developers are hard at work dealing with some launch issues and server stability, but they're also working on the first major content update which is due soon.

This update will bring 10-player distortion arenas with four powerful opponents to battle, one after another, the reward being unique Epic weapons and other valuable trophies, as well as advancing towards the next stages of divine form. Large scale invasion events are another addition, and 5-player anomalies are also coming. You can also expect two new high-end 10-player raids: The Mechanoid Ship and Operation Isabella. What else? The Divine Form, which becomes available at ~30,500 Prestige, and some Aelinet improvements.

Skyforge is the result of a collaboration between Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment, is published by, and is currently one of the most exciting games of 2015.


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