Skyforge: new dev diary details invasions and consequences has revealed a new Skyforge developer diary where invasions are explained in detail. In this sci-fi MMORPG, the goal is to become a god and ultimately protect the world of Aelion from gods from other worlds and their massive armies.

A countdown for an invasion shows up a few days before it happens and players, both immortals and gods, will have to defend the world – first from the initial waves, and a couple of months later, from the Herald of the invading army. This leader of the alien forces is a powerful god that players have only 24 hours to defeat. Victory or defeat have great consequences: in the case of success, the entire server has a period of prosperity with bonus rewards to all players, but if the players lose, the world will be occupied by invading forces, and Aelion will be thrown into a “dark age”. Victory also brings exclusive rewards, from equipment to bonuses as well as outfits and accessories. To learn everything about invasions you can watch the dev diary below or read this article.

Skyforge is getting more and more interesting as new details arise and the invasions are surely a motive for players to battle for Aelion and prove their worth. Skyforge is currently on its third closed beta and the open beta is planned for this summer.


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