Skyforge is bringing some changes to its PvP soon

skyforge pvp updates talks about the upcoming PvP changes for its sci-fi fantasy MMORPG Skyforge. The new developer diary goes into some detail with these changes, which will be released “soon”.

First of all, players will get more rewards from their PvP adventures. More credits and more Knowledge of Enemies, as well as equipment and even temporary legendary items such as weapons and artifacts. Skyforge will also feature Happy Hours during the day, in a nod to… well, you know. This means that during a certain period of time, several times a day, PvP fans will get bigger rewards and a chest with equipment for each battle they complete. As for rules, the same set will be used for Battle of Golems, Battle of Equals, and Massive Battles. The Might of all characters will be equalized during the PvP adventures.

There's a new stat coming to PvP with this update. The “PvP Stat”, as it is called, can only be unlocked in PvP ( says that it's “rather easy”). This will increase your health and damage in Battle of Golems, Battle of Equals, and Massive Battles.

You can read more about the PvP update and watch the developer diary below.

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