Skyforge: Reapers’ Revenge expansion is live, controller support added

After a week's delay since the previous announcement, the Reapers’ Revenge expansion for Skyforge is now live, so you can get updating right away.

What does this expansion brings? For starters, something that many players requested but probably weren't expecting to see right now – controller support! You can plug in your gamepad, such as Xbox and Playstation controllers and give your keyboard and mouse a rest. Well, most of the time, as the Skyforge user interface is still designed for PCs and for things such as chatting with your friends, parties, or Pantheon, the classic controller combo will come in handy. Activating the controller is as simple as going to “Settings > Controls > Activate Gamepad Support. By default, your controller will only move the cursor, accept, and cancel but nothing else until the aforementioned option is activated. Everything will be updated instantly and will not require you to reload your client!” Here's a controller guide for you.

As for the rest, the expansion brings Mount Upgrades, Distortion Vectors, D-Series Distortions, a new adventure selection interface and more things that you can discover about in the patch notes.

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