Skyforge reveals the Berserker, a remorseless killing machine

The Berserker class is known for having a short fuse and the one that was just revealed in Skyforge is no exception. This class is described as “a melee expert who rushes headlong into the fight and never hides behind allies”, something that means he certainly scores big times with the ladies. His massive chainsword will slice through enemies while his ultimate ability, Gladiator, will envelop him in flames, making him look like the Ghost Rider, only more furious.

You can read quite a bit about the Berserker on the official website. If you like your classes fueled by anger and leaving a trail of bodies behind them, then check out this class. Skyforge had a technical beta weekend earlier this month, so if you don't want to miss the opportunity to join in this game developed by Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment and published by (which is also backing World of Speed and Armored Warfare), don't forget to sign up.


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