Skyforge’s Aelion’s Call patch notes released

The next major update for Skyforge is titled Aelion's Call and it's coming September 16, as we've learned recently. has just released the patch notes for this update and if you're going to check them out, you should be ready for a lot of scrolling, as they're kind of massive.

It's impossible to highlight a thing or two from the extensive list, but we can say that the clans were dropped from the Pantheons, or that the Core upgrade system within the Ascension Atlas was reworked. The player's progress screen has also seen some changes and the classes have gone through a lot of optimization and improvement.

The Aelion's Call patch arrives this Wednesday.

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  • Lex

    Hey enough of skyforge/tera/black desert xD

    first is pretty bad except for graphics maybe, and for me instanced isnt even an option for mmo

    second title is now so commercial and not player-friendly, became true p2w game
    played it 3 times ,you can hardly be competetive if you dont invest, and enchanting is painfully bad relates to Lineage 2

    and the third damn it if we already dont know everything about it so far :p mostly from here

    What about those newly announced MMO’s ,hyped ones, next gen.

    And it would be cool if you could follow up with the info for other games ,like now for Archeage, new servers are opening up, 2.0 is starting, and there are some really, really rewarding events going on about, players would rejoin if they knew.The game became much more enjoyable since release, it is now very well one of the best f2p titles out there 😉

    Thank you

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    • yokki

      lol at bashing the other 3 mmos and promoting the piece of crap that is archeage.

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      • Lex

        Most Arguments you would point of archeage being crap are definitely true, in the past!
        But past is due, and AA has never been more active than now, i have quit that game in december ,and returned about 2 months ago, tons of new content and options, better balance, and cooler customising / interface.

        Sure ,its all subjective, end of the day, play the game you feel good in, not the one others tell you to.

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  • bloom warren

    there is always the option of walking away from an mmo you dislike . aside that lex is right with most things said

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