Skyforge’s Battle of Equals patch notes live, releases July 20

The next Skyforge update, Battle of Equals, releases on July 20 and has just revealed the patch notes so that you know all that this expansion brings. One of the highlights is clearly the new region, Antean Wasteland, a large, dangerous and inhabited place that should take about 30 minutes to complete, according to the developers. However, every time you visit the Wasteland, you receive a random set of missions, so there's plenty of replayability and chances to earn Sparks of Evolution and Ether Cores. It only costs 21,000 Prestige to visit.

But the Battle of Equals name is there for a reason, as that is the designation of the team PvP-contest where everyone is equal and only skill matters. Battles take the form of 3v3 arena combat and there's a spectator mode, rankings and leagues. You can read more about it here.

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