Skyforge’s Cybernetic Alliance update coming in June, OST released

The Reapers’ Revenge update went live less than a month ago and Skyforge is already about to get another update – named Cybernetic Alliance and with a release planned for June 1, this update adds robotic companions to the mix thanks to Flavius, which will help players during combat and a few other things that weren't detailed yet. The Cybernetic Alliance will mark the first appearance of the Gorgonide Avatar, brings some equipment refinement and class balance as well as additional D-Series Distortions.

In another note, the Skyforge Soundtrack was released on YouTube today, so if you're one of the players regularly asking for it, then head over to the official page and get listening!

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    I don’t understand this game, I really like it, but whenever I’ve gone I’ve seen a obvious lack of population. How the devs will be able to keep the game without players ¿?

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    • Yeah. I’ve played off and on since CBT and I can tell you that every time I log in (after very long periods of not playing) it is pretty empty. The majority of the population left due to the whole spark cap system, some left due to the repetitive instance/lobby based grinding, and others just left because they got bored. It’s a shame too because the game itself is very beautiful and has really cool concepts.

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    • charioles

      I played for a full month during launching and has been off till yesterday just for checking things up. I’m in a multi-games guild and the entire member of that guild in Skyforge have already stopped playing it, that shows how much boring/repetitive the game can be.

      If you haven’t figured out why it is boring, it’s because the equipment system where the equipment system is not dynamic enough (not enough random factor).

      Unlike other game where you can boast “Hey, I just get this super epic rare drop from this rare boss!”, in skyforge the equipment drop is practically has absolute drop (up to unique), while beyond unique is mostly cash items. You can’t walk around the open world and stumble upon rare boss and says, “This time I will get that 1% chance rare drop that nobody have yet.” Everything is fixed and predictable in this game. It needs more random factor. You all know how successful the gacha system in the game world are, right? People are unconsciously craving for random/luck-based system more than fixed/hardwork & effort-based system, exempting the involvement of real cash in said factor.

      just saying what in mind….

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