Slay Together is a free old school MMORPG in Early Access where you fight villagers

Slay Together

Slay Together is a game in the vein of classic MMORPGs such as Metin 2, Flyff or Dragonica, according to indie developer Owl Tribe Entertainment, which is made up of a single person. Slay Together is currently in free Early Access and will be free on release as well, with the launch slated to early 2020.

Currently, Slay Together doesn't offer a large wealth of content, but it's already playable. You can get a feel for the combat and explore the medieval setting, and hopefully it will become a fully-fledged MMO later on, with many areas to visit and several quests to keep players busy.

Right now, you can climb up to level 25 within three different areas and a linear questline, collect gear drops from enemies, and use an awakening system to roll stats. The first dungeon is under development, alongside  advanced character creation, and party and guilds systems.

The video below dates back from last March and is probably outdated, but it should give you an idea of the style of Slay Together. You can download the game from Steam right now.

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