Sleeping Dogs follow-up Triad Wars is shutting down

United Front Games has announced that Triad Wars, the follow-up to the surprisingly good 2012 action game Sleeping Dogs is going to shut down in January 20, 2016. The announcement was initially a bit cryptic, as it gave us mixed messages about the end of the closed beta while sounding like the studio was actually saying the game was going to close. The confusion is gone as Square Enix later made a statement confirming that Triad Wars is indeed ending service on January 20. You can still play for the remaining weeks and gold will be available free of charge, so this is a good time to enjoy this asynchronous multiplayer online game.

Triad Wars had a lot of potential but it was far from fulfilling it. Instead of an MMO set in the Sleeping Dogs universe we got a single player game disguised as multiplayer and with some empire management thrown in. Sadly, the promised co-op raids didn't get to the game on time to improve it, but it would hardly be enough to turn the tide, as it seems. It's sad to see it go, but it looks like Triad Wars' major flaw happened during the design stages.

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