Smilegate will announce Lost Ark’s launch schedule later this month

Lost Ark launch schedule

The final Lost Ark closed beta in Korea ended on June 3 and Smilegate is now working on this highly anticipated MMORPG to get it ready for the next stage. But we didn't get any news recently, so what is going on?

According to MMOCulture, Smilegate is going to host a media conference on September 27, 2018 to discuss the development process of Lost Ark and its upcoming service schedule. This means that they are most likely going to reveal the date for the next phase, which is the open beta, according to the picture you can see below. We're expecting a somewhat vague date (something like “December”), not the exact day, but hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised.

Of course, we would be delighted if Smilegate revealed that they are working on an English version. Besides rumors and English files discovered in the beta client, there is no official confirmation that Lost Ark is ever going to release in North America and Europe – but we're betting that it will eventually.

Lost Ark launch schedule

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