SMITE Blitz is now available in North America and Europe


If you recall our first reaction to the announcement of SMITE Blitz, it wasn't exactly a favorable one. How thrilled can anyone be for another hero collector game sporting average graphics, even if it has the strength of Hi-Rez Studios' successful MOBA driving it?

The mere sight of an Auto option is telling; this is a mobile game where you tap, tap, tap, unlocking new heroes in the hope of getting a high-ranked team of gods. It's as much a tactical RPG as Monopoly is a degree in real-estate business. However, there's a crowd for this genre, otherwise the market wouldn't be over-saturated with it.

SMITE Blitz is now available as a soft launch in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Netherlands. You can play SMITE Blitz now on iOS and Android if you are in one of those regions. By playing SMITE Blitz you can earn some rewards to use in SMITE, in case you are a regular of the mythological MOBA.

Hi-Rez has tried to expand its SMITE franchise into other genres without much luck. First it canceled SMITE Tactics: Hand of the Gods, and later scrapped development of SMITE Rivals, a mobile game that was unashamedly inspired by Clash Royale.

What's next, SMITE Battle Royale? Only time will tell. 


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