Following on Paladins’ footsteps, is SMITE coming to Nintendo Switch?

SMITE coming to Nintendo Switch

It looks like Hi-Rez Studios' is taking the mythological MOBA SMITE to the Nintendo Switch. There is no official announcement as of yet, but some datamining pretty much confirms that this is happening.

It was that found out the details, much in the same way as they did before with Paladins. And guess what? Paladins ended up on Switch! Now, they have discovered that a new engine config file has been added for Nintendo Switch since the 5.18 patch under the Oasis tag. This is the same that has happened with the other SMITE console versions.

The file reveals a few strings for the Nintendo eShop, which means that this is the way to buy Gems for SMITE. We're betting that Hi-Rez will make an official announcement soon.

In related news, Hi-Rez Studios recently split and baptized its development teams into Titan Forge Games (SMITE), Evil Mojo Games (Paladins) and Heroic Leap Games (Realm Royale).

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