SMITE enters the digital card game arena with SMITE Rivals

With SMITE Tactics having just entered closed beta, Hi-Rez Studios reveals another game from what is now a growing franchise: SMITE Rivals. During the Hi-Rez Expo in Atlanta, the studio announced this digital card game that will be free-to-play and available on PC and mobile devices. You can sign up for the closed beta already at the official website.

“With Smite Rivals, we want to create a game for our fans that is familiar, fast-paced, and engaging, but different from the MOBA experience we all know and love,” said Brian Grayson, executive producer of SMITE Rivals. “Not only will players collect and command an army of their favorite characters in a new and fun art style, but we’re excited to share that in-game progression will be continuous across all platforms. If you play on PC, you can pick up wherever you left off on your mobile device, and vice versa.”

As you can see by the announcement trailer below, SMITE Rivals has an unexpected but cute cartoon look that makes it more suitable for mobile devices, and the battles happen in three lanes, similar to SMITE the MOBA game, with cards being used to deploy units.

It seems like it could be an addictive little game, but we can't shake the feeling that it looks a bit too similar to Clash Royale, a game released in 2016. What do you think?

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