SMITE helps Nepal Earthquake victims

Hi-Rez Studios, the developer of the free-to-play action MOBA game SMITE launched an innitiative with its community to support the international humanitarian response of the American Red Cross to last month’s devastating earthquake, as well as of yesterday's earthquake.

The Nepal Earthquake Relief Chest is already available through May 17 for 400 Gems, SMITE’s in-game currency. Players who purchase the chest will randomly receive one of the following six God skins for use in SMITE: Lucky Baby Fuwa (Cupid), The Sydney Shredder (He Bo), Orbital Strike (Rama), Jaguar Footballer (Xbalanque), Ra’Merica (Ra), and Soldier of Fortune (Ares). For every chest sold, Hi-Rez Studios will donate $2 to the international relief efforts of the American Red Cross.

This is a very commendable move from Hi-Rez, which has seen the SMITE community raising more than $200,000 for various American Red Cross efforts over the past year.



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