SMITE is coming to PS4 this year

Hi-Rez Studios has just announced that the free-to-play MOBA SMITE is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year. Already available on PC (released 2014) and Xbox One (released 2015) and with a community of over 14 million players, SMITE is one of the big MOBA games out there, offering over 70 playable gods and mythological creatures from eight different pantheons around the world.

While an account transfer from Xbox One to PS4 won't happen, Hi-Rez is working with Sony to see if PC players are able to transfer their account to PS4. PlayStation Plus is not required to play SMITE, so every PS4 owner will be able to enjoy the game.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries

SMITE PS4 Founder’s Pack will be available at €23.99/£20.99/$29.99 USD, unlocking all present and future gods in Smite, 400 Gems, an Ares “Soldier of Fortune” skin and a key for instant beta access.

SMITE is entering alpha on PS4 today, with the closed beta to follow soon after. Players can opt in now for a chance of getting an invite for the PS4 beta.

SMITE’s team-based action, third-person controls, and deep roster of playable gods make it an ideal fit for the PS4, where it will become the biggest MOBA game ever to go from PC to PS4.


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