SMITE adds new Polynesian goddess Pele, she is really hot

SMITE Pele Goddess of Volcanoes

There is a new goddess in SMITE and she is really hot. I mean, incredibly hot. Literally. Pele is the new Polynesian goddess and she is Goddess of Volcanoes. Fooled you there for a while, didn't I?

Pele is part of the 5.14 Update for SMITE which also includes the usual set of new skins, cosmetics, the Primal Storm Announcer Pack and more. As for Pele, her abilities are naturally related to the fire element, with the Everlasting Flame passive skill granting her increased Physical Power, Lifesteal and Ability Lifesteal. Her active abilities include Pyroclast, Eruption, Magma Rush and Volcanic Lighting.

Watch the fiery Pele in action below.

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