SMITE Rivals development on hold, focus is on SMITE Tactics

Hi-Rez Studios has decided to put SMITE Rivals on hold, only a few months after the reveal in January. Hot on the heels of the success of SMITE the MOBA and the potential of SMITE Tactics, SMITE Rivals was going more for a digital card game approach, while drawing obvious inspiration from Clash Royale. You could play on PC and continue your progress on mobile and vice versa, for those who can't live without this kind of cross-platform feature. However, that is probably why the game's art style looks so “mobile-ish”, and we feel that Hi-Rez had the talent to create a much better art style and detach itself from the inevitable Clash Royale comparisons.

Moving on, Hi-Rez President Stew Chisam tweeted the news that you can read below, saying SMITE Rivals needs significant additional development and so was put on hold while the studio focus on SMITE Tactics for the time being. How long that will be – or if the game is going to be completely scrapped – no one knows besides Hi-Rez.

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