SMITE’s new patch brings Cu Chulainn and Code of Chivalry event

Today's SMITE patch Code of Chivalry just added a new Celtic god, Cu Chulainn, along with the in-game event Code of Chivalry. Cu Chulainn, The Hound of Ulster is a pretty special god as he is the first one who does not have a Mana Bar, instead having a Rage Bar. You will have to manage when you go berserk, gaining power and maximum health as well as changing abilities. The patch also brings a nice bunch of medieval-themed skins for Anubis, Odin, Tyr and Osiris.

Worth of note is the in-game event Code of Chivalry. In this event you'll unlock rewards and complete quests based on your moral choices, which will ultimately grant you a Noble Knight skin or a Black Knight skin for Osiris based on your decisions. Will you be good or evil?

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