Soma’s BFF Luna is coming to Closers on December 11

Luna is coming to Closers

A wild Wildhüter is approaching. Luna is the name of the next character to join the cast of En Masse's Closers, and she is the best friend of Soma, other playable character.

Luna was trained as a support specialist but is a fairly balanced fighter, capable of using her Aegis shield for massive destruction. She is coming on December 11 and she brings a few events to celebrate the incoming holiday season:

• Event Stage Madness: this is a way for players to try out a different stage event from 2018 every day of the week. It's perfect to revisit past events or play some of your favorites.

• Winter Preparation Event: here you can earn loot simply for logging in each day for 15 days (November 26 – December 19).

• Weekend Play Time: earn more items just by playing Closers, with rewards being handed at different milestones (November 26 – December 19).

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