SOS: Battle Royale is switching to free-to-play tomorrow, but…

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SOS: Battle Royale is in Early Access for a few months now, and it was getting some interesting feedback from players who hopped in early. However, developer Outpost Games is going to switch the business model to free-to-play starting tomorrow, June 20, 2018. So, let's check SOS out on Steam… HOLY CRAP! What is that number of Overwhelmingly Negative reviews doing in there?

After digging a little, it's clear that SOS: Battle Royale isn't the game that it used to be. It was initially designed as a Survivor-esque game show where players had to fight on a dangerous tropical island to be the three remaining contestants that get into the chopper. It had some original touches, such as the ability to talk to other players and even a counter that tracked how many real life spectators were watching you on Twitch. The entertainment factor was important, as well as the social skills that would take players just a little bit farther in the show.

But now, this classic mode is going down with tomorrow's arrival of Content Update 4, being traded for your generic Battle Royale experience. Out with the clever social elements, in with the mindless shooting. Outpost Games has the following to say:

“As we move to free-to-play we have decided to focus development efforts entirely on our new game mode, SOS: Battle Royale. With SOS, our ambition is to create a Battle Royale experience that is fast, fun, and action-packed. We are striving to create short, impactful rounds, and to improve upon many aspects of the genre.”

“With that said, SOS: Classic will be taken down with the arrival of Content Update 4. This decision was not an easy one, but one that we feel is necessary for the future of SOS. Our hope is to incorporate many of the things that made Classic so great into our new mode, and we are working right now to do that. We wanted to give you a heads-up so that you have the opportunity to play your last matches of Classic before it goes offline.”

“We know there are a lot of other Battle Royales out there, and we are confident that with our beautiful island, faster-paced matches, and constant action we can provide a unique experience that the community can enjoy well into the future.”

Truth is that SOS lost tons of players since March, and the outrage on Steam is of epic proportions. Is SOS: Battle Royale really going to be “a unique experience”?

If you already purchased SOS, you'll get over 100 pieces of content including outfits, gestures and cosmetics. But will players get their old SOS game back? There lies the rub. But if you try the new SOS, let us know how you like it.

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