SOS and SOS: Classic are shutting down in November

SOS and SOS: Classic are shutting down

Outpost Games has just announced that the original survival shooter SOS turned SOS: Battle Royale turned SOS: Classic is going to shut down in November 12, 2018. This affects both SOS and SOS: Classic, two different modes that were created to please everyone and yet evidently failed.

The depressing state of the player base was obviously the reason for this “extremely difficult decision”, but there was little that could be done. The several iterations of SOS failed to resonate with players, jumping from the first and promising concept to the Battle Royale bandwagon and losing most players along the way. Making the game free-to-play was a late and ineffective decision, the damage was done.

Enjoy the game while it lasts, you have one month to do so starting today.

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