Episode 3 of SoulWorker anime shows some awkward boob-rubbing

Soulworker anime episode 3

The third episode of the SoulWorker anime series is live and follows the adventures of our four heroes. This time, it's a matter of hacking a huge door in the abandoned mansion, but there's more.

The beginning of the episode features an awkward moment where Stella dives headfirst into the boobs of Lilly Bloommerchen, to the surprise of the rest of the team. After a lot of shaking and some moaning, it turns out that our favorite rock loli was only after Lilly's bag of cookies – literally. As Erwin puts it, “a battle-munchkin powered by sugar”. Seems like a fair description.

Two more episodes to go, and SoulWorker is currently in its western open beta. This is a fun game, what do you think of it so far?

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