SoulWorker anime episode 3 released, includes awkward boob-rubbing

The third episode of the SoulWorker webseries was just released and while the three minutes of this one are light on action for a change, it goes for a more comedic approach mainly due to Stella, the Howling Guitar in the anime action MMORPG, and her voracious appetite. It seems that nothing stands in her way when delicious cookies with jelly are involved, even if it means grabbing Lily Bloommerchen (Myst Scythe) and going through some awkward boob-rubbing.

Stella is definitely a cutie, though. The art in this Soulworker series is definitely good, so give it a watch below. For the previous episodes, here's episode 1 and episode 2.

Now it's just a matter of Gameforge stepping in and saying something about the state of the western release of SoulWorker Online.

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