Erwin and Stella kick Poison butt in second SoulWorker anime episode

soulworker anime webseries

The second episode of the SoulWorker anime webseries is live and this time the focus is on Erwin Arclight and Stella Unibell, Gun Jazz and Howling Guitar respectively.

The pair is now fighting a summoner responsible for the demonic mannequins that you surely saw in the game already. Her name is Poison, or at least that's the name from the original Korean version, we'll see if Gameforge kept it. The animation is pretty cool and flashy, but the webseries includes some pretty bad voice acting, particularly Stella and Erwin. Also, be prepared for some bad one-liners as well. Overall, it's a fun watch, despite these shortcomings.

You can watch the first episode here, and the last three should be released soon.

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