SoulWorker getting Chii Aruel in August, server merges in July

SoulWorker Chii Aruel new character

Gameforge has laid out its rough plans for SoulWorker for the months spanning June and August 2019.

One of the topics is the upcoming server merge, but the latest character Chii Aruel is also coming this Summer. But before that you have a revamp of the Akasha system planned for the end of June.

The SoulWorker server merges are expected to happen in the middle of Summer, most likely by the end of July.

The highly anticipated new character Chii Aruel is finally getting a release date – a somewhat vague date, but one nonetheless. You can expect to play this cat girl towards the end of August or a few days earlier, if we're lucky.

Chii Aruel already received her job advancement in Korea last month, in case you want to see how cool she looks in her evolved state.


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