SoulWorker Corrupted Record will make you fight in real life locations

Soulworker corrupted record event

There is a new event called Corrupted Record coming to SoulWorker Korea on August 29, 2018, and it is a bit of a mystery as of yet. First, because our Korean is far from perfect, and second, it seems that Lion Games is mostly teasing it without giving any solid reveal to what is actually in store.

From what we were able to gather, there was some phenomenon that destroyed the glorious civilization that mankind had built. Apparently, this is the “hidden story” of two girls trapped by this phenomenon, but the trailer isn't exactly clear about all of this. We're shown a mix of real-life footage and our six SoulWorkers hanging around – it's funny how Erwin picks up Stella as if she was a bag or something -, entering an elevator and going to 2002-12-09. That is the final date that we managed to notice, so if you can make sense of it, let us know.

In fact, if you can make sense of any of it, drop us a comment. The video shows a few fights in a park and inside an ancient mansion, as well as a Myst Scythe shadow doppleganger. My head hurts, but I'm very curious about this Corrupted Record event.

Soulworker corrupted record event

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