SoulWorker DanMachi collaboration dresses heroines as Goddess Hestia

SoulWorker Danmachi collaboration

Lion Games just revealed the upcoming SoulWorker DanMachi collaboration for the Korean servers. If there's one thing that this anime action RPG proudly boosts, that thing is fan service and the appealing looks of its heroines. Furthermore, this crossover with DanMachi, an anime which isn't shy about that sort of stuff either only highlights that point.

The SoulWorker DanMachi collaboration picks Goddess Hestia as inspiration. Hestia is a beautiful young goddess with a pair of attributes that result in some explicit nicknames that we won't share here. Obviously, her tantalizing tight white mini dress with blue ribbons is a perfect fit for the female SoulWorker characters. Their long legs really come to life, but I'll skip any further description and let you enjoy the images.

You can see the SoulWorker cast dressed as Hestia in the artworks below. This collaboration is slated to go live tomorrow, January 22, 2020, and isn't the only one featuring DanMachi clothing. However, it is the most interesting by far.

Please meet Ephnel, Chii Aruel, Haru Estia, Iris Yuma, Lily Bloommerchen, and Stella Unibel, all dressed for the occasion as Goddess Hestia. Details on how you can get these costumes weren't revealed so far, but it should be one of those timed exclusives that you have to purchase from the in-game shop with real money. It doesn't seem like the kind of costumes that you can unlock through events, although that would have been great.

Ephnel the Bombing Spear is the latest SoulWorker character, having released in December 2019 in Korea. In a few months she is going to appear in the North American and European versions.

If Lion Games decided to take all the expertise and lessons learned from this game and decided to developed an open world SoulWorker 2 MMORPG, many players would be extremely  happy. But that's just a pleasant dream at the moment.

SoulWorker Danmachi collaboration Ephnel SoulWorker Danmachi collaboration Chii Aruel


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