SoulWorker DesireWorker update transforms the entire cast

SoulWorker DesireWorker update

July 31 will see the Korean release of the SoulWorker DesireWorker update. While I can't say for sure because of my limited Korean language skills, I'm guessing that this is some sort of awakening for the seven SoulWorker classes.

Each SoulWorker character will embody one specific attribute. Haru Estia is Revenge; Chii Aruel is Gluttony; Stella Unibell is Sorrow; Jin Seipatsu is Passion; Lily Bloommerchen is Madness; Iris Yuma is Fury; and Erwin Arclight is Delight. It sounds a bit like the seven deadly sins, but it's not an accurate recreation, so let's not go that way.

The character redesign is extremely classy, but this is one of the aspects where SoulWorker excels. It's a beautiful anime action RPG, with fast gameplay and flashy combos.

The seventh character, Chii Aruel, is coming to North America and Europe in August. By August 1, Gameforge is going to undertake an European server merge for SoulWorker Рthe servers will be merged together on the Candus (EN) server. Tenebris is the sole North American server. You can read the SoulWorker server merge FAQ if you have any doubts.


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