Ephnel is the eight SoulWorker character, will make your jaw drop

Ephnel Soulworker

Lion Games and Smilegate have revealed the next character coming to SoulWorker. Yes, it's another female class, so there's that. Her name is Ephnel and she is the eight playable character coming to the anime brawler.

With the imminent arrival of Ephnel, the SoulWorker cast will be comprised of six female classes, with the only two male protagonists – Jin Seipatsu and Erwin Arclight – clearly crushed under the weight of these sexy brawlers. This comes as no surprise, since developer Lion Games never hid the fact that it likes to create some jaw-dropping anime girls, even those who aren't part of the cast such as Poison.

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The release date for Ephnel is December 23, with the update offering a few events to celebrate her launch. There are no gameplay videos yet, only one showing the voice actor speaking about her part.

As you can see by the Ephnel artwork below, she is wearing endgame armor right from the start. She is so op that she even dispenses with shoes altogether, as brave girls don't feel pain in the slightest. Her costume may be tight and shiny, but we have to hand it to Lion Games as the design is extremely detailed and attractive.

It's worth mentioning that her weapon of choice is some sort of lance, which will surely involve plenty of poking and perhaps a spin attack skill, as is often the case. In a few months we'll get to know what sort of advancement she gets, probably something that slightly evolves her weapon, adds new skills, and makes a few adjustments to her outfit.

Ephnel releases on the Korean servers on December 23, 2019, and probably a few months later on the North American and European servers. Chii Aruel, the seventh character, arrived on Gameforge's western servers on September 2019.

SoulWorker Ephnel playable character

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