SoulWorker Ephnel gameplay shows the Bombing Spear in her skimpy outfit

SoulWorker Ephnel gameplay

Anime girls wearing short skirts is so yesterday, with SoulWorker's Haru Estia being one of the examples. Lion Games is dismissing skirts entirely with the new character, Ephnel. The recent reveal already showed us that she was joining the fight in classic female endgame armor – less is more -, and today's SoulWorker Ephnel gameplay confirms that this class surely likes to travel light. Apparently, she likes to wear a jacket sometimes, because it might get a bit cold when you're only sporting a tight swimsuit, but perhaps this is optional.

Ephnel is the eighth playable class coming to SoulWorker. Her weapon of choice is a spear, which she uses to deal justice to the incoming foes. Her nickname is Bombing Spear, which makes complete sense: she uses a spear and is quite the bombshell. Ephnel has lightning fast moves and an obvious taste for green visual effects.

The trailer shows several of her moves and already reveals an additional costume. We're not entirely sure if this pertains to the religious costumes that the other SoulWorker classes already have, but it's very likely. It wouldn't make sense to be her job advancement outfit, as it seems out of character for Ephnel.

The SoulWorker Ephnel release date is December 23, 2019 in South Korea. As for when we'll get to play her in North America and Europe, our estimate would be in about five or six months. In the meantime, you can enjoy the latest class in SoulWorker English, the also enticing Chii Aruel.

Watch the first SoulWorker Ephnel gameplay trailer below.

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