SoulWorker celebrates Jin Seipatsu’s release with a free item pack

soulworker jin spirit arms

Today is the day when our good pal Jin Seipatsu makes its way into SoulWorker, as we have announced before. To celebrate his premiere, as well as the new Golden Citadel raid, Gameforge is offering a free item pack to help you out with Jin.

The item pack can be redeemed immediately and includes some Respawners, vitamins, Anti-Destruction, Bonus Keycards and a Silver VIP Booster. You have until May 31, 2018 to redeem the code, which you can find here, along with the instructions.

In case you don't know Jin, also known as Spirit Arms, know that he just loves to let his fists do the talking:

“Jin Seipatsu is a powerful martial artist whose special weapons are his fists. He makes use of his superhuman powers boldly and responsibly, protecting the weak and defeating evil. Of all characters, Jin has the highest health and has access to large surface area attacks.”

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