SoulWorker: Gameforge officially confirms western release, four classes at launch

Soulworker Online mobile

Gameforge has just officially confirmed what we suspected a few weeks ago – the German studio is going to publish the anime action MMORPG SoulWorker from developer Lion Games in North America and Europe. Running on the HAVOK Vision Engine+, SoulWorker is one of the most anticipated games coming from South Korea in the last few years, thanks to its amazing anime graphics and fast-paced, exciting action.

“I am pleased to finally accommodate the desires of players in Europe and North America with SoulWorker. There's plenty in SoulWorker to excite Anime fans in particular – we can hardly wait to get going with this hotly anticipated game”, said Daniel Werner, Product Director for SoulWorker at Gameforge.

Soul Worker doesn't have an official release date in North America and Europe, but it's confirmed it will launch with four classes: Soulum Sword, Mist Scythe, Gun Jazz and Howling Guitar. There is crafting, you can form a group or guild and fight for your lands and you can create and decorate your own home with the housing system, choosing from plenty of furniture options.

The District 6 is a PvP area where players can go head to head while having to fight with AI creatures and a gigantic boss in the centre of the zone. However, SoulWorker is renowned for its PvE mode, with over 100 dungeons with final bosses and different difficulty levels. The SoulWorker story takes players on a battle against hordes of beasts from other dimensions, but also a private military conglomerate and other power-thirsty groups trying to wipe out all of humanity.

Gameforge is the publisher of games such as Aion, TERA, Metin2, Elsword or the new Orcs Must Die! Unchained, among others. We'll follow SoulWorker's developments in North America and Europe as much as we can, so make sure you stay tuned!

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