Soulworker greets you in Korean straight from the western version

Soulworker western version

We don't blame you if the headline left you scratching your head. It's not easy to convey the image of Haru Estia (Soulum Sword) dressed in a Korean garment and politely greeting you in a very short video. Apparently this is part of Gameforge's ongoing Soulworker Online #WisdomWednesday series, and they added the following to the video:

“An-nyong-ha-se-yo”: the polite way to greet someone in Korean, comparable to the English “Good morning/afternoon” and the German “Guten Tag”.” Alright then, live and learn, I guess. Take a look at the cool outfit in the video below.

Soulworker enters North American and European open beta late 2017. We would guess November, as that seems to be the month that everyone is aiming at, including MU Legend (November 7) and Battlerite (November 8).


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