Gigantic raid boss Primal… I mean, Gronco, hits SoulWorker

soulworker gronco raid boss

Do you recall our talk about the next raid boss coming to SoulWorker? You probably do, as it was only a couple of days ago. Now, the boss has already invaded the SoulWorker servers – or is about to, depending on your region.

We previously mentioned how the boss was Primal, according to the Korean version, but Gameforge apparently decided to change its name to Gronco, for some reason. So, Gronco, a huge raid boss for players of level 55 with a maximum of 49 more players, and you have 10 minutes to defeat this merciless boss. You'll get your reward according to how well you performed.

You can enter the raid starting today, Tuesday 29 on the North American server and Wednesday, 30 (7 PM CEST) on the European servers. It's also cool that you get a gift coupon with Respawners, Anti-Destruction items, bonus keycards, the community item ‘Radio’ and Chloe’s Gift. Check the code here along with the instructions.

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