SoulWorker housing video is here to give you decoration tips

SoulWorker housing video

Yesterday's release of SoulWorker's housing update surely made many players take a break from all their saving the world and turned them into virtual interior designers. But what will others choose, what will you do with your home, sweet home?

A new trailer was just released to give you some pointers. As you see playable characters Haru, Stella, Lilly, Erwin and Jin having fun or just heavily sleeping on luxurious beds, you can see some of the things in store for you. There is furniture of several kinds, including your regular house style, pirate-themed (with a ship as a sauna, no less), a candy-style theme, one that is decidedly gothic, and Erwin seems to like all things gold.

Now you'll have to decide where to go with your SoulWorker home. Any ideas?

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