SoulWorker North America and Europe IP blocks other regions

SoulWorker ip block

If you're not from North America or Europe and you have been playing Gameforge's SoulWorker, then we have some bad news.

Gameforge has just implemented IP block on SoulWorker, preventing players from outside of North America and Europe of accessing this anime brawler. This move makes perfect sense, considering that SoulWorker has deals in place in other regions such as Korea and Japan, and may open up to other countries in the future. It's a common practice that players used to online games such as Vindictus are well aware of. The message is as follows:

“Note regarding IP block: Players from regions which are not under our licensing rights unfortunately are not able to access our version of SoulWorker.”

However, the timing wasn't exactly perfect, as some of these players may already have spent some money in SoulWorker's cash shop.

Personally, I'm not in favor of spending large amounts of cash in games during open beta, unless you're 100% sure that you won't be locked out for some reason. In this particular case, and while this was predictable and quite frankly expected, it could have been prevented with some clear communication about the matter from the start of the open beta.

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