Iris Yuma is coming to SoulWorker NA and EU soon

Soulworker Iris Yuma new character

Gameforge has started teasing a new character for SoulWorker Online North America and Europe, or the western version if you please. Iris Yuma is the sixth character and she comes after the release of Jin Seipatsu early May 2018. Not a bad release rate for the German publisher.

Iris Yuma is teased with the wallpaper that you can see below, along with this short sentence: “Her soul screams out of anger…” Iris' alias – at least in the original version – is Hammer Stol, and she uses this huge cannon that doubles as a long range and melee weapon. We have some Iris Yuma gameplay if you want to see how she behaves in combat. Oh, and here she is in some stunning Spiral Cats cosplay.

Sadly, this completes the current SoulWorker roster and all that we have to look for further on is the awakening for each character. Maybe it's time for Lion Games to get working on new SoulWorkers as soon as possible…

Soulworker Iris Yuma new character

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