SoulWorker is about to get new playable character Jin Seipatsu?

soulworker jin seipatsu spirit arms

A short tease by western publisher Gameforge could be indication that a new playable character, Jin Seipatsu, is joining the existing roster soon.

Grace City's boss Poison is the messenger, with a single word teasing the SoulWorker players: “Jin”. Now, that doesn't leave a lot of questions, right? Jin Seipatsu, a.k.a. Spirit Arms, was the fifth character to join SoulWorker in Japan and Korea, and it should be as well for the North American and European versions. Jin Seipatsu is a melee character that uses his fists to dispense justice, and he is a very acrobatic type.

We'll have to wait for more info on Jin, but I'm expecting Gameforge to make an official announcement in a few weeks.

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