SoulWorker is leaving open beta and officially releasing

SoulWorker official release

It's been in open beta for little over than a month, but it surely was exciting. SoulWorker is now ready to move on to the next phase, the coveted official release. Just as expected, open beta players won't lose their current progress.

Gameforge wants to thank all the beta testers for their hard-work, bug reporting and feedback on game mechanics, things that will be implemented in SoulWorker as development continues. Some of the features planned include the PvP arena, more raids and other endgame content.

And now, rewards! Here is what you will receive for taking part in the open beta, once SoulWorker releases:

• 1x Exclusive open beta title: ‘Active Beta Tester’
• 1x Exclusive open beta title: ‘Persistent Technician’
• 2x Darling Outfit (for two characters of your choice)
• 1x Grutin Akasha Card (rare version)
• 1x Hellanko Akasha Card (rare version)
• 1x Mat (Community)
• 1x Collected Works (1 hr)
• 3x Power Vitamin
• 5x Respawner
• 10x Bonus Keycard
• 10x HP & SF Kit

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