SoulWorker Online forum opens, more details about open beta

SoulWorker online forum

We're getting closer, guys! Gameforge has just opened the official forum and Twitter account for the western release of SoulWorker Online.

They also shared some more details, now that the open beta is nearing. First of all, SoulWorker Online is still planned as a free-to-play release (phew!) and will be available on Steam with the start of the open beta, as well as Gameforge's client. The original Korean voices will be in the game, with text in a series of languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. Japanese voices are not planned to make it into the game for now.

New characters like Jin Seipatsu (Spirit Arms) or Iris Yuma (Hammer Stol) will make it into the game, as well as PvP, but Gameforge can't confirm when this additional content will be available.

Last but not least, SoulWorker Online will have servers in several countries, and the names are alright revealed: Tenebris (NA), Candus (EN), Lakashin (DE), Amaryllis (ES), Rucco (FR), Grace (PL) and Uriel (IT).

You can begin exploring the SoulWorker forum as well as the SoulWorker Twitter right now. There's still no open beta date, but Gameforge said that they “will soon be able to give you more information on the start of the open beta.”

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