SoulWorker gets new character Jin Seipatsu and Golden Citadel tomorrow

soulworker jin spirit arms

Jin Seipatsu is coming to SoulWorker tomorrow, May 3, Gameforge has confirmed after the initial tease. The Spirit Arms character will be joined by a new raid, the Golden Citadel.

Jin Seipatsu is a 17 year old boy versed in martial arts, and his favorite weapons are… his fists. To each his own, right? However, Jin is a great brawler and of all the characters currently available in SoulWorker, he has the most health available. Jin also features some powerful area attacks to help you get rid of troublesome crowds. With Jin comes a fifth character slot so you don't have to delete any of your other SoulWorkers.

As for the new raid, Golden Citadel, it is for players of level 55 and above, and to participate you have to clear all casual raid quests. This raid is comprised of one safe zone, four combat arenas and one boss room. You clear one area at a time and finally face the final boss. You can't use your own health consumers or respawners, but these items and other buffs will be dropping during the battles.

Now we only need a trailer officially welcoming Jin to the SoulWorker team. Perhaps tomorrow?

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