Soulworker Online shifts attention to Lilly Bloommerchen, aka Myst Scythe

Soulworker Online Lily Bloommerchen

After a deluge of teasers and emotes focusing on Haru Estia, Gameforge is now shifting its focus to Soulworker Online's Lilly Bloommerchen. She is a bad-ass character with a sharp tongue, and uses the deadly Myst Scythe against her enemies in a fierce way. Here is her official short description:

“Lilly loves to antagonise and has always got a cutting remark to hand. As the demons descended from the void upon the world, they killed her only friend. This event untethered Lilly’s madness and her soul manifested as a the deadly Mist Scythe. Now she fights the horrors of this new world using her own means – the more brutal, the better.”

Notice that apparently she will be called Lilly in North America and Europe, while in the other regions she goes by Lily (with only one “L”. This could be an oversight or made on purpose, but we'll have to wait for more info to confirm this.

Take a look at Lilly Bloommerchen's new artwork below. We haven't seen this one before, so it's very likely that it was created exclusively for Gameforge's promo material.

The Soul Worker Online open beta begins later 2017 in NA and EU.

Soulworker Online Lily Bloommerchen

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