Soulworker Online mobile launches in China on July 21

Soulworker Online mobile

In this day and age, it's hard to understand how a Soulworker Online mobile version exists and we only hear about it three days before release. Sure, it's a release in China, but still. One of our most anticipated free online games, Soulworker Online is a beautiful anime brawler originally released on PC. While Korean and Japanese players are already enjoying it, North American and European players are patiently waiting for their version. German publisher Gameforge promised news shortly, but months go by without any update. Let's hope they don't cancel the PC release and go for mobile only, eh? That would be soul-crushing.

Anyway, Soulworker Online mobile is releasing in China on July 21, 2017. It seems like they're keeping the PC gameplay, but clearly without the frantic action and responsive controls of the original game.

Watch the intro trailer below as well as a couple of animated gameplay gifs. If you want a game in the same genre while you wait, Kritika Online is a good bet.

Soulworker Online mobile

Soulworker Online mobile

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