Soulworker Online open beta begins late 2017 in NA and EU

Soulworker Online open beta

Gameforge has finally revealed a date for the Soulworker Online open beta in North America and Europe. The German publisher is planning on a late 2017 open beta for western players, but this is all we know so far. Soulworker Online is live in South Korea and Japan with six characters. However, in NA and EU the launch will occur with four characters: Soulum Sword (Haru Estia), Mist Scythe (Lily Bloommerchen), Gun Jazz (Erwin ArcLight) and Howling Guitar (Stella Unibell). This is a stunning anime action RPG where four players can cooperate in instanced dungeons, of which currently there are over 100.

Soulworker Online will have job upgrades and the first one was just revealed. Haru Estia / Soulum Sword is getting a second sword when the job releases in August 30, 2017. There is also a Soulworker Online mobile version in China, but this is obviously not the same pedigree as the PC game.

The last we heard from Gameforge was that the studio was putting the final touches on the official western website and finishing translation. Now we know about the Soulworker Online open beta schedule, but still in a vague way. When we have a specific date or month, we'll get back to this subject.

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