Soulworker Online summer costumes teased with beautiful artwork

Soulworker Online summer costumes

Summer is here and many online games like to get in the spirit of sun, sand and beach. The Soulworker Online summer costumes are coming to the Korean version and the first teaser was revealed a few days ago. This update is expected to land tomorrow, July 26. While it doesn't seem to bring much in the way of new costumes, hopefully there will be a few surprises in store.

Developer Lion Games released a new Soulworker summer artwork below, featuring the current four leading ladies. From left to right: Stella Unibell (Howling Guitar), Haru Estia (Soulum Sword), Lily Bloommerchen (Myst Scythe) and Iris Yuma (Hammer Stol). Are they cute or what?

Soulworker Online is coming to North America and Europe, Gameforge announced ages ago. News on the western version were promised recently a few times, but nothing so far. In the meantime, a Soulworker Online mobile version was made available in China. Life is unfair.

Soulworker online summer costumes

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  • Beetelgeuse

    NOTE: Im not criticizing or anything, just curious:

    Why do you folks follow a Japanese game that western people cant even access?

    Its a cool game i know, myself had the chance of testing it on a VPN, but still… there are so many other Japanese games with the same or perhaps better quality than this and you guys dont follow them, so why covering this one in particular?

    Again, im not with the intention of criticizing, any news about SWO is great for me.

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    • The answer is simple: 1) I like the anime style and the action gameplay; 2) It’s coming to NA and EU.

      We started covering it years ago and like every bit of news on this, Peria Chronicles, Lost Ark and other games.

      What Japanese games are you thinking about, care to share? 🙂

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      • Beetelgeuse

        For sure!
        – Death Stranding (the next piece of art from Kojima).
        – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (This one is for Nintendo, but looks goood).
        – Anthem: Not Japanese but the next Bioware’s big deal.

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        • Hmmm… Looks like you didn’t get the topic of the site. 🙂

          I know all of those games, but none are free or properly MMOs. We cover F2P games only, despite the occasional buy-to-play game creeping in, mostly due to a business model switch (Albion Online, Lawbreakers) or announcement (Black Desert Online in NA and EU).

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