SoulWorker Online teases Lilly and her razor-sharp scythe

SoulWorker Online Lilly

What day is it today? Oh, it's #WisdomWednesday, according to Gameforge and SoulWorker Online!

Let's just promptly skip over the fact that the SoulWorker western open beta was postponed for sometime in Q1 2018 and cheer up with this little piece of info. It's a short video showing Lilly Bloommerchen in action, with a nice short skirt and her grim reaper fueled scythe.

Actually, it's not the Grim Reaper, but the Korean equivalent Jeoseung Saja (저승사자). Anyway, here is what Gameforge has to say about Lilly:

“Lilly uses her razor-sharp scythe to unscrupulously cut through the demons of the void. She elegantly dances her way through waves of enemies and even enjoys an occasional teleport to outsmart her opponents.”

If only Gameforge could provide us with the official SoulWorker Online website, it would be something already. Alas, it's not done yet.

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